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About Roy Todd

Roy Todd is a pianist & composer of contemporary piano instrumental music. 


The music of Roy Todd can be described as evocative & minimalist .

Over 250 million people have listened to his music - with 32 million listeners on his official YouTube channel alone. His music has also been used on a number of TV and film projects.

Roy’s love for music began when, as a kid growing up in Belfast, he was given a battered old upright piano. He practised for hours every day and went on to study music. From there, he developed his passion for composing piano instrumental music.


Today, the contemporary piano instrumental music of Roy Todd has a broad appeal which transcends age and culture, having been listened to by people all over the world. 


Meanwhile, original wedding music by Roy Todd has proved very popular at wedding ceremonies. His music has accompanied many wedding bride's down the aisle on their wedding day. In this respect, Roy is particularly passionate about creating music that draws attention to the bride.


If you enjoy piano instrumental music that connects with your heart and emotions, then the music of Roy Todd is for you.


For queries about commissioning new music or any other information, please get in contact using the contact page HERE.



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