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Roy Todd has produced some of the most beautiful contemporary wedding music for piano. Scroll down below for information on commissioning wedding music, wedding album CD's & sheet music. For downloads, please click on the 'Download Albums' page. 

Please note, all wedding sheet music is available HERE

Commission Your own Wedding Music


If you're planning to get married, then why not make your day extra special by commissioning personalised wedding music, composed by Roy Todd especially for your wedding day?

Wedding Music by Roy Todd has been performed all over the world. From beautifully intimate gatherings to grand & elaborate ceremonies, his music captures the heart, the emotion and the spirit of the occasion. One of the reasons why he's so passionate about creating wedding music is because few things in life are more poignant than the moment when a wedding bride walks down the aisle. When the accompanying music is right, this makes it an unforgettable experience not just for the bride but for everyone present.


This is an incredible opportunity which includes:


- a consultation with Roy Todd

- the opportunity to name your own music

- a mastered recording of the music once completed

- piano sheet music


Since wedding budgets are tight, Roy will be up front about costings. For a 3-5 minute piece of wedding music, this will require 24 hours (over two weeks). This will work out at $600 (USD). This is a great investment for such an important part of the wedding day.


If you'd like to find out more about commissioning your very own wedding music, get in touch using the online form below, mention that you're interested and you will receive a reply very shortly.. 

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Click on the covers to order Wedding Album CD's. Once you've added them to the cart, simply click the checkout to proceed. This is found immediately below. 

Click HERE to preview the download album
Click HERE to preview the download album
Click HERE to preview the download album
Wedding Sheet Music


Click the image on the right for wedding sheet music by Roy Todd. The sheet music library is currently being updated. So be sure to keep checking back.

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