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Serenity is a very beautiful 15 track album of wonderful piano instrumental works, all composed & performed by Roy Todd on a Bösendorfer grand piano. The depth and mellowness of the Bösendorfer creates a tone which is absolutely perfect for this album. This is one of his earliest albums. The music creates an incredible ambience which is relaxing and refreshing. You can listen to a few extracts by clicking the pictures over on the left. Once you've ordered it, this CD will be delivered to you within 10 working days.
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    Track List…
    New Beginnings 3:52, Still 5:24, Comings and goings 3:34, Serenity 6:44, Mountains and Valleys 3:56, Lydia’s Song 4:43, Wholeness 3:34, Free to be me 3:57, Moments 3:24, Moving On 6:07, Optimism 4:46, Short and Sweet 2:11, Cherish 7:02, Twilight 3:08, Journey’s End 2:48
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