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Wedding Themes for Piano

Wedding Themes for Piano

This is a beautifully crafted album of original wedding bride arrival music by Roy Todd. It's embellished with a sublime & subtle string accompaniment. 

Every Wedding Bride dreams of the perfect music to accompany her down the aisle on her special day. So in this album, Roy Todd has created 16 perfect accompaniments - all original.

Subtlety & elegance are the main traits of each piece of music. Each is crafted to draw attention toward the Wedding Bride. After all, this is her moment. This is her day. This is what she has been dreaming about all her life. So the music helps create something really special - an incredible experience that will live long in the memory of all who have the honour to witnessing the occasion. It is elegant, subtle, beautiful and emotional.
  • Details

    Track list
    1 Loved 3:27
    2 Dancing at Midnight 4:24
    3 Theatre of Dreams 3:19
    4 Bridal Entrance 1:38
    5 The Art of Subtlety 4:26
    6 This Moment 3:26
    7 Together 4:29
    8 Forever 4:20
    9 Pure Vintage 4:38
    10 Andante 4:36
    11 Dreams Come True 4:06
    12 Flowers and Favors 4:45
    13 Just Married 6:25
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