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Below is a selection of music for you to enjoy. This is just a small selection from 100's of original compositions by Roy Todd. The music has been divided into sections including some music which has never been published.


All the music is owned by Roy Todd and may not be used without permission. If you are interested in using any of Roy's music, please write to seek permission using the contact page HERE



Extracts of music by Roy Todd that have not been officially released

A Heart at Rest - Roy Todd ©2016

Breathe - Roy Todd ©2016

Shelter in the Storm - Roy Todd ©2015

Sunset - Roy Todd ©2016

Charming & disarming - Roy Todd ©2016

Hope's Cry - Roy Todd ©2016

Visual Performances by Roy Todd

Winter Requiem - From the album 'Seasons'

A Time to Remember - From the album 'Seasons'

Free to Fly Again - By Roy Todd ©2014

Most Popular Music by Roy Todd

Child of the Troubles (nearly 6 million listeners on YouTube)

Twilight (over 1 million listeners on YouTube)

Letting Go (nearly 2 million listeners on YouTube)

Lydia's Song (around 500,000 listeners on YouTube)

Cherish (over 1 million listeners on YouTube)

Hope Springs (around 300,000 listeners on YouTube)

Popular Wedding Music by Roy Todd

Princess Bride (from The Wedding Bride's Piano) 

2.5 million listeners on YouTube

There's No Feeling Like This (from Wedding Bride's Piano) 

1.2 million listeners on YouTube

Reflective Piano 

Still (from the album 'Serenity')


Melancholic Piano 

Moved to Tears - from the album 'Just Pure Piano'

Sad Goodbye

Radiant as a Bride (from The Wedding Bride's Piano) 

1 million listeners on YouTube

Reminiscing (From the album 'Piano Ambience)

Sad Reflections - from the album 'Just Pure Piano'

Less Well known music by Roy Todd

Play Me a Lullaby - From the album 'Piano Solace'

Serenity (from the album 'Serenity')

Rain - from the album 'Seasons'

Elevate - From the album 'Piano Essemce'

Red Sky - from the album 'Sun Stand Still'

Variation on a Theme - from the album 'Piano Essence'

Another Springtime - from the album 'Child of the Troubles'

The Beauty of Hope - from the album 'Child of the Troubles'

Go Free Little Heart - from the album 'Piano Portraits'

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