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30 Wedding Themes by Roy Todd


The video below includes 30 original wedding bridal themes which have all been composed as accompaniments for the wedding bride as she walks down the aisle. This is a selection of music extracts taken from 3 wedding albums by Roy Todd. The track list is below the video.

Roy Todd

00:00  The Wedding Bride's Piano 

01:49  Pure Vintage 

03:11  Theatre of Dreams 

05:09  The Arrival

06:30  Hope Springs

08:06  Bridal Entrance

09:12  The Day I Fell in Love

10:16  Forever

11:45  Another Springtime

13:13  The Day Has Come

14:09  The Art of Subtlety

15:54  There's No Feeling Like This

17:30  Flowers and Favours

18:41  Princess Bride

20:37  Andante

21:10  Happy Couple

23:18  Dancing at Midnight

24:50  Sheer Elegance

26:00  Grace and Favour

27:19  Dreams Come True

28:37  Awaiting The Bride

29:41  Day of Dreams

31:09  Together

32:40  With This Ring

33:41  Radiant as a Bride

35:19  We Will Never Forger

36:51  Grand Arrival

38:13  My One Desire

39:19  Walk With Me

40:48  Just Married

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